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Add ability to divide sections into subsections.
The are two possibilities to do that:
1) Submenus to section tabs. The sub-menus under individual tabs would appear only if there were categories under the heading. Let's say I have a tab which is called WRITING. For me, I have many types of writing and if I put everything under one tab, I can search it, but I can't see them separated. Sub-menus would allow me to have many sub-tabs, like SCI-FI, THRILLER, HORROR, ACTION, etc. Putting all the tabs at the top just gets cluttered really fast. Hope this makes sense.
2) Another row of tabs (e.g. on the right side)
sections section-bar
I am interested in this idea but can't really imagine how this would have an advantage over hierarchical tags?
For the special situation you described wouldn't it suffice to
- have one section for your writings
- use tags to distinguish between thriller, horror, action...`?

Hi Sven,
thanks for the input. Indeed tags would make more sense for the given example (I copied the text from a suggestion email I got), but nevertheless subsection could be useful for other scenarios.
Thanks for your reply. Do you have any example where one would prefer subsections over tags?

I'm still trying to find out whether I should vote for this feature or not ;-)
Hmm.. well for example, section "Work", subsections "Project1", "Project2", "Project3", "Project4".
When you're sure that it won't be possible for a note to belong to 2 projects simultaneously, this setup starts to make sense.
Not really sure i understand the idea of having subsections. My first thought also was to use hierarchical tags. Still if they shouldn't fit your needs, wouldn't it make more sense to have a database for "writing" on your own and use the sections there as "subsections". Imo, with databases, sections and hierarchical tags CN already offers a great way of managing data. 
Maybe that's because switching between notebooks is now less than perfect..  Probably a better way would be move section tabs to the right (or left, or bottom), and use the top row for notebook tabs, as requested in this (quite popular btw) request.
I agree. Since switching between notebooks is not a smooth process, it keeps people from using this highest order of managing notes. As for the request i prefer my sections tabs on the top as they are now. Maybe databases tabs could be placed to the left above the tag sidebar, by reducing the height of the tag sidebar. That way tabs for databases and sections could be reached easily.
I can't quite visualize this. The tag sidebar is not very wide.. how could it accommodate notebook tabs on top?
Here is a very simple mockup:

Thanks for the mockup! To me this looks is a bit illogical - notebooks (databases) include sections, yet appear to be subordinate to them.
I understand your point. To me this is a practical solution. When i work with a notebook, the sections are the most important part. The top bar gives a good overview and is easy to use by mouse and shortcuts (Ctrl 1..9). It is also very space efficient in that it takes only space from the tag sidebar. That control already contains data, which will never fit to the visual area anyway. 
I agree that this is practical, but I think we can do better. Probably if we make the sidebar full-height, it'll provide a better visual cue. Actually even 2 rows of tabs with configurable positions looks better to me)
I have nine section tabs who perfectly fit to the existing space. They are all visible without scrolling. Though i like your idea, i want to keep the entire window width for my section tabs. 
Well you could:
1) Make CN's window wider
2) Decrease the sectionbar.tab.width.min parameter
Well, i am happy with my current window layout ;) After all, maybe its best to have a second tab bar above the section tab.
Seems indeed to be the best solution overall. But please also comment on the "another idea" from below, about adding mini-tabs to the sidebar.
Thanks for putting this up, Alex! Yes, tabs and tags work great (I LOVE them), but as mentioned, switching between databases is awkward and time-consuming. With tags, I can only see what I have by writing out or clicking on a tag. I cannot see at a glance what I have and go to the appropriate tab. As a writer, I need all resources in one place, not switching back and forth between databases, unless the shift is smooth and natural by having database tabs on the side. At first blush, either scenario would work for me if, in fact, it does work as described. I do agree in keeping the section tabs at the top (as this is where almost ever program puts them), and have the notebook tabs to the left, as per the diagram. This keeps the right side clutter free, for adding just a single tab there would use up the width of a whole, otherwise empty, column.
Thank you Stuart for this comment! I agree that using the right side for tabs is not the best idea. Probably the best solution would be to provide 2 sets of tabs for notebooks and sections, where the user can pick the position of each. 

Also here's another idea:
- make sidebar full-height, and add tabs to it: "Notebooks", "Tags", "Time", "Link" (using icons instead of text to keep it narrow)
- list all open notebooks on the Notebooks tab
- keep section tabs on top of notes list.

As asked for ;)

Actually having the sidebar full height might be the right idea in logical terms. However, i don't like, that it would decrease the available space for my section tab bar. Also introducing tabs such as "Notebooks, tags, etc". will require an extra click to get to the database/notebooks list :( Again, this is a logical design, but takes extra effort. Btw, what do you mean by Time and Link-tabs?
Yeah, the design process is like that - full of compromises ;)

Time and Link tabs would offer access to quick filtering notes by date/time (instead of the current nearly defunct search by date) and by the Link (will present the alphabetically sorted list of 1st level domains).
time & link sounds interesting :)