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Export note's link to HTML Web-page (optional)

Thomas Lohrum 10 år siden opdateret af Alex Jenter 10 år siden 13
The title of the note should link to CintaNote's internal link protocol (CintaNotes://). That way i could browse an exported file, while easily opening the note in CN using a simple click.
export complexity:easy links
Occasionally i export a group of notes to a Webpage. This way it is easier to get an overview of the complete content, whereas in CN itself you would only get a preview of each note. Now jumping to the note would allow for a direct editing, where necessary.
Hi Thomas,
thanks for the suggestion!

This is good idea, but where should the note's link to go then? Now it is used as the href target.
Or maybe you suggest to do this for link-less notes only? ;)
Hi Alex, i was not aware of the issue. Actually a similar issue exists with internal note links. Should they link to some other part of the html exported file(s) or should they open the note with CintaNotes? Maybe there could be an option for the export. For example "(*) create HTML links ( ) create CintaNotes links".
Note links are ok because they can't occur in note's title. On the target note's side, an empty anchor tag is used.

As an (ugly) solution, I'd suggest to optionally export note UID, which will be a clickable link into CintaNotes.
Why not? It could be added as an optional field of the export dialog. For example "[X] Note identifier. The html text could be "open note in CintaNotes".
That's rather unintuitive, don't you think?
What would your (ugly) suggestion look like? Have the UID beneath the title? Present the UID rather than some text?
No, I just mean that instead of the obscure "note identifier" field, it would be better to say something like "Add CintaNotes backlinks" or "Add 'Edit in CintaNotes' links"
If you go for adding it as a field of the export-fields, i think it is intuitive. Even if a user might not understand what a UID is in first place. He/she will understand first time after the export, when the UID will become visible. As for options like "Add CintaNotes backlinks" this is not a field, but an action.
Yes, this is an action, and it will be a separate checkbox outside of the field list, and it will appear only when you select Web Page (HTML) as export file type. It could be placed in the special "Web Page Options" group box.
Both suggestions will suite. It's a matter of taste. UID is a note's field, but considering it to be an internal field, your suggestion might be better.
Ok) Well now let's see how the voting goes. As it is easy to implement, just 10 votes are needed

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