Saved (predefined) searches

Alex Jenter 13 years ago updated 11 years ago 13 1 duplicate
Add right-side dropdown arrow to the search box which would allow us to save current search for later use. The click on arrow would open the list of saved searches to quickly pick.
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... or save them in the tag sidebar? Nod

But tag sidebar is already taken for tags, isn't it? )

why not have a special icone to show that the "tag" is a search ?
or to put all search on top or on the bottom of the tag list ?
with the ability to minimize the list of search or the list of tags

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll definitely give it a good thought!

Very interesting. Such a "virtual tag" should be selectable using the same standard as for regular tags, that is dropdown in the search-box and using it by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

"virtual tag" : I like the name :-) it sum up the whole idea.


My first thought was - in some cases this like tag hierarchies (e.g. your example with hobbies).
My second thought was - this is very similar to 'saved search queries' requested here:
http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/15284-saved-pr... (which is already 'planned')

Maybe we could/should store the 'saved search queries' as virtual tags in the tag sidebar. This would nearly fulfill your request - wouldn't it?

Tag hierarhies wouldn't be useful in this case, because chosen tags could be selected from different branches/hierarhies.
But I think that "virtual tags" a.k.a "saved search queries" placed near common tags, would be ideal. In the comments section of that topic Boris Monti mentioned this:
> With logical-expressions-for-tag-search-like-tag1-and-not-tag2-or-tag3
> it could be interresting

So virtual tags with "saved search option" and "tag selection option", i.e. (tag1 OR tag2 OR TEXT like 'todo') are way beyond my expectations!