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Format text - Superscript (for remarks, footnotes, and annotations)

pethaski 9 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 9 років тому 4
It would be useful to have Supercript as a Format option. I sometimes comment my notes and add remarks below in the "Remarks" section. But when I have multiple remarks, being able to supercript 1, 2, 3 etc would make it much more readable.
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What I want is to be able to display this in my note:
Here is some text1. Here is some more text with another annotation2. And another one3.

And then in the Remarks text box, I could put:
1: This is actually a German translation.
2: Ink LLC bankrupt itself in order to print those few words.
3. One is also the number before two.
Under review
Thanks for the suggestion!
One simple workaround till we implement this is to do something like this:
Here is some text[1]. Here is some more text with another annotation[2]. And another one[3].

Just for the sake of completeness, there's another way to do it. If you e.g. select the word "text", please Alt+Shift+N, select "Create new note" and write in the new note's title "This is actually a German translation", you'll be able to see the remark when hovering over the word. (In order for the "remark" notes not to be in your way, you can put them into a separate section of the notebook.) But the word will be turned into a link, this may or may not be acceptable for you.
The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to renumber half of remarks if you insert another one into the middle.

I see what you mean. It does create a new note for each remark. That's manageable. What I don't like is that you have to double-click on the note link to read it. I think it would be better if the note could appear when you mouse-over the link, instead of having to double-click.

Or an even more elegant solution (but more complex to code) would be to superscript an annotation in the text, then add a footnote in the remarks and the two are automatically linked and numbered. Then, whether you add a footnote above or below it, the numbering changes automatically, kind of like page numbering. Now that your text has a footnote, it also automatically becomes a link and when you mouse-over it, a pop-up box appears with the footnote so you don't have to go look around in the remarks section to find the right footnote. This makes your notes and footnotes into a single note, so in effect reduces complexity in the database.

I think this feature would really help Cintanotes differentiate itself from other note database tools available.
If you put the remark's text into the note's _title_, you don't have to click - the title will be displayed in a tooltip when you hover with the mouse over the link.

However what you're suggesting is an interesting feature, although not very easy to implement. However if many people vote for it, we'll put into our schedule without doubt.