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Colored tags

Alex Jenter 12 years ago updated by danielson 8 years ago 5

Let tags have background color, to make them easily distinguishable.

Image 53


Tag properties dialog: add checkbox and color picker control

Notes list: draw tags with custom background color, if defined

Tag sidebar: add a small colored box to the right of the tag name if tag is colored

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Under review

I liked the colored tags as well as cloud formation as seen on this demo of Tagspaces:


(use "demo" for user name and p.w.)

Good idea to add small colored boxes on sidebar! Got used to it in GMail, and it's not so distracting as coloring the whole tag. By the way, GMail allows setting both background and foreground colors, we could use that.

How about also providing a set of pre-defined eye-friendly colors (or color pairs)?

Great you like it and thanks for voting.
You can find parts of this discussion here: forum

would prefer multicolor tags displayed atleast in the tag sidebar, i.e., not necessarily colored tags visible as part of the note itself…