Under review

Smart Tabs

Thomas Lohrum 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Alex Jenter 9 jaar geleden 3
To support a very simple way of creating/editing table-like-data support smart tabs. When the user presses the TAB key insert spaces to set the caret to the next non-whitespace column in regards to the previous row.
Under review
Hi Thomas,
seems to me this is a very similar suggestion, isn't it?
OneNote is actually embedding a table editor. Smart Tabs (like in PsPad-Editor) are much more simple. It will calculate the number of spaces needed to fill up to the next column position by looking at the line (row) before the current line. It does make sense with monospace only. It is just a simple helper so you don't need to press the spacebar yourself multiple times.
Ok I see. Since this requires monospace I think it will be of limited use. But let's see maybe many people will vote. Thanks!