Keyboard shortcuts for text formatting should behave standardly

Thomas Lohrum 11 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 10 year бұрын 9

Toggling format options does not affect text, which gets typed afterwards, e.g. Ctrl+U. This does not conform to standard behaviour. Also check this Former bug report

text-formatting keyboard
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Yes, this is a known problem - since there's no toolbar, there's also no way to see which mode is currently on. I suggest we do it together with the text formatting toolbar (it'll be inobtrusive, I promise;)

Hi Alex, i'd prefer a fix independently from the toolbar. Sure the UI change would simplify the recognition of the state, but the issue is a bug and should be fixed asap. Thomas

I guess you're right. Will schedule it for CN 2.5

Thanks for requesting that

(I too stumbled across it)