CintaNotes application for iOS

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated by FernandG 6 years ago 8


external complexity:very-hard
Under review
I am the owner of a firm that specializes in Internet, cloud and general information technology infrastructure design.

CintaNotes is an amazing application! It's simplicity is just what the doctor ordered. While Microsoft's OneNote provides the same and greater functionality than your app, it's learning curve is way too steep! That's where your product comes in.

If and iPhone/iPad application were offered, there is little doubt that I would be able to market your app to a minimum of 5000 users.

Without the application, they will certainly be sales opportunities but they will be greatly limited.
Obviously (LOL) please consider this a vote for an iPhone app
Thanks a lot for your input! We'll definitely take it into consideration.
I would also love a CintaNotes for iPhone. Simplenote is a far cry from what CintaNotes gives us.
Thanks, Patrick!

I would happily pay for a simple IOS compatible version of Cintanotes that allowed sync'ing with my PC. Would appreciate proper security/encryption options.


Me too. I look forward to this application, for months. A delay ?

Thank you very much.