Not a bug

Simplenote does not work anymore

AnTul 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 9 years ago 8
Do, please, something that you can at least in some form of notes to read on Android. Simple Note first not synchronized, then, after I got out of it, he does not give in, despite the fact that the login and password I enter the correct (through the site Login ok). More messing with this imperfection is no desire, but access to notes via Android needs.
Any news? Does it work now?
Hard to say. I start this version very crooked work on the PC (do not remember what exactly it was shown) - had to revert. Currently on Android can not log into the application SimpleNote, although through a browser with the same credentials to log turns out normally. Ie At the moment I do not sync with Android (SimpleNotes), that upsets me. Wrote the author SimpleNote several times - no answer greeting. Please write your own application for Android CintaNotes.
Well if Simplenote client doesn't work its hardly CintaNotes problem. We are already in the process of writing an Android app, but the work is going slowly because it currently has low priority.

If there's still a problem with CN syncing, please record a log of a failed sync and send it to support@cinanotes.com
Thank you!
How about 2.8.6?
Now it works. Thank you. I Wish You Success.