multiple main windows (notes lists)

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The advantage of multiple main windows would be, that one could see and work with more than one note list at the same time.
In one main window I could have a look at my tasks on a second main window I could see the list of subject specific informations and so on.
viewing notes-list main-window


Already implemented
Thanks for the suggestion!
CintaNotes supports starting multiple instances of itself.
It that not enough and why?
I always thought about "starting multiple instances" as a way to open more than one notebook at once. Does this feature also support opening the same notebook mulitple times - or would that result in problems/conflicts? Would there be any drawbacks to consider?

If multiple instances work with the same notebook without any problems then my main request ist covered.

Then all that is left would be some minor requests to support this situation a little bit more like:
 - having a shortcut to open a second instance of the current notebook
 - show different titles for the main windows (to be able to distinguish them)
       - maybe something like "CintaNotes - notebook name - tags currently selected"

After getting a feature like 'saved queries' we could go further and a right-click on a saved query could offer the command 'open in new window'.

P.S. CintaNotes is surprising me over and over again because it already supports features that come to my mind - I am very happy about that ;-)
Yes, multiple instances of CintaNotes can work with the same notebook. Since CN uses SQLite, all DB interaction is done within a transaction.
I have taken the liberty of converting your points into separate requests:

I have learned something new and am more than happy.
You are welcome!;)
Already implemented