Basic text formatting support: bold, italics, lists, monospace

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CintaNotes should support: bold, italic, underlined, lists, monospace, highlighting
viewing editing complexity:hard


Released with version 1.5.1
If you ever do it, please make it optional. With something like "plain text mode". Tried azzCardfile? There's a huge 3 row toolbar by default (formatting, paragraph, etc). Simplicity of CintaNotes is one of the reasons I picked it (and I tried a LOT of apps).

Also, that program has an option to remove all formatting from all notes.
Agreed — make it optional. Simplicity is the key. Don't throw it away.
Not too important to me as a feature, but making it optional is a great idea :)
I would love basic text formatting. I am migrating from Luminotes and used basic formatting heavily there. But BASIC. Know what I mean? The simple functionality of Luminotes and CintaNotes is what makes them really usable.
If you are going not only store short notes but also to revise, edit and develop them, you need basic formatting badly. It is also true in case of huge notes. I use CN at initial stage of book and article writing and vote for the new feature.
I agree with the consensus, if you do it, please make things like toolbars etc optional.

Alternative idea: support for Markdown.

I strongly prefer Markdown to any alternative.
Voted for, of course. Optional - agreed, no toolbars - great. But no markdown, please. It's ugly and complicated. I would prefer the mark-up google talk uses (*bold*, _italic_) or the one used in 37signal's writeboard (the best option, IMHO).
As a software engineer, I outline a lot in preparation for writing code. I'm currently using OneNote, and the features I find most important are:

  • keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+shift+L to go into bulleted-list mode
  • smart list-making (e.g. hitting enter makes another list item; hitting tab indents the current list item)
  • checkboxes -- to mark off what I've done and what I need to do
Oh god, please noooo! No wysiwyg! No automatic format tranfering when copy pasting. Sure fire way to kill the project.
Many good ideas here, i add my favorites:

  1. Bullets/Numbering 
  2. Strike through

Released with version 1.5.1