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Add state field to support GTD-like Todo features

Thomas Lohrum 11 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Alex Jenter 8 jaar geleden 7

State-field values should be:

0=regular note
1=Next Action
3=Waiting For
4=On Hold

The idea is a more general solution compared to a plain done=true/false value.


Probably a duplicate, please review: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3386-add-simlpe-status-flag-icon/

Let's say both requests try to achieve the same goal. My request here is more precise about what the state should look like, whereas the other describes visual clue about it. I could add my request as a comment to the other. Not sure though, because i am thinking about more details. For example i want shortcuts to easily assign different state values. Also shortcuts to easily query different states.

One size unfortunately does not fit all. You need one set of states, someone else might need another. also it is possible that different sets of states are needed for different types of notes. I think we shouldn't sacrifice flexibility here, as I envision CintaNotes to be smth like "Excel for notes", where anyone can mirror his/her own workflow :)

The set of different states might change from case to case. For me it would be valuable advantage to sort notes in a notebook by state in order to differ "new" from "in process", "done" and "closed". In that sense the naming of the state is less important than filtering  possibilities of notes according to their states.

Why not make it so that the user can name the colored states and/or create custom-colored states? There is photo tagging software with this ability and it's really awesome. I can't remember which program I'm thinking of, but it may be Digikam - Digikam tagging is amazing. There are certain photo (and file) organization programs that deal with both tagging and flexibility for the user really well, and it would be great if cintanotes could implement some of what has already been implemented and tested by these programs. XnView is another photo program that does these things well. It seems like there's no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to some of these awesome organizational concepts!

Thanks a lot for your comment, we'll definitely check out Digikam and XnView