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Crash when network connection is lost and CN is located on a network drive

Juho Vainio 13 aastat tagasi uuendaja Arseniy (CN Support Team) 11 aastat tagasi 7
We're using a shared CN (the whole program is shared) on a network drive and when the connection is lost, CN crashes immediately.

Sometimes it may give an error "Database is locked", and the only way to dismiss the message is to shut down the program via Task Manager.
Do I understand correctly that only the cintanotes.db file is located on the network drive? Thanks
The whole program, including the db, is on the network drive.
CintaNotes does not officially support running from network drive. I recommend you install CintaNotes locally on each PC and synchronize the DB using one of the numerous file/folder synchronization services or applications such as GoodSync. This doesn't guarantee the integrity of the DB, but at least there will be no more crashes.
Yes I know it doesn't support, but it would be great that instead of crashing it would just go "offline" or something until the network is back online.

Other than that, CN runs perfectly fine even when multiple users are inserting notes at the same time :)

I understand, I'll see what I can do to make the program handle such kind of errors more gracefully, but probably it won't help you much since you won't be able to work with the notebook anyway. Unfortunately I can't make this of high priority since even after three weeks the issue has zero votes.

I understand that there are way more important thing to do. As a programmer I just wanted to report the bug :)
Thanks for your time.
Thank you for taking the time to report, I really appreciate it!