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Default home note, "getting started" note, or tip of the day

Mark Bloggs 10 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 5
I would like to have the option for Cintanotes to open on the same note which briefly explains how to use it
startup help
Under review
What is the purpose?
Do you need CintaNotes to provide that note, or do you mean you'll write it yourself?
What kind of information you will place into this note?
Would be nice if Cintanotes provided the default home note.
I just think it would look tidier than opening on a whole list of notes or last note viewed, and for new users would be a quick way to learn how to use it.Just a brief explanation of what cintanotes is/does, and how to create notes and search using the tag sidebar and search field...similar to the info you have in the "about cintanotes" when selecting the help option, but not requiring an internet connection to view it.
Thanks for the elaboration! something like this is also sometimes done as a "Tip of the day" popup window, what do you think of it?
as long as you give the user the option to turn it off if not wanted then it would be a nice addition to have.