Syncing with a folder with .txt files

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I absolutely loved this program after installing it, but I haven't been able to fully replace ResophNotes/Simplenote because I do everything with *.txt files (on writemonkey, on my phone, on notepad++, etc.). I realize that this would cause some data loss, but could it at least be an option to save as *.txt? Either way this is a wonderful little program and I'll keep it on my laptop just in case. Thanks.

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Please specify what is the difference to the existing "Export to TXT" function.
I am not thinking of an export function, but for the program to keep individual notes at text files, so those text files could then be synced via DropBox and opened/edited on a mobile device.
Are you willing to give up fast search for that?
Yes very willing to give up search . . . for me its about portability and reading wherever I can, but having the best interfaces to interface with my notes.
While you keep all notes in memory, search can be fast.
But the question is, how would you navigate in hundred of notes stored as separate files? On a PC it's a job for CintaNotes, but on the mobile?
This is also somethink I'd like very much. I'm currently moving from Mac to Windows. On my Mac, I used nvALT (a Notational Velocity fork), which I liked very much. In nvALT, notes are stored as separate plain text files. If I place a new text file in the data folder, it is picked up by nvALT automatically. Advantages:

- Data is portable and safe. I know pretty sure .txt files will always be readable.
- I can easily edit notes in other applications
- I can easily add files from outside, e.g. from my phone or from another application.

Search in nvALT is extremely fast, I can even do simple formatting (bold, italic), which is saved in a separate file, and it sync to simplenote. In other words, I don't think saving notes as plain text necessarily compromises other features.

Cintanotes is the best replacement for nvALT I could find, and I make backups by exporting to plain text regularly, but an option to store notes as plain text would be very welcome.

Thanks for your comment!
It's hardly possible that CN will migrate from SQLite to plain-text files, however it is very possible that it will be able to sync the database with a folder with TXT files, similar to Simplenote sync.
Such a sync option would be great!