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It should be possible to clip pictures like it is now possible to clip text. CintaNotes should create a new note and add the picture to it.
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I'm against this since clipping a picture into CN would entail too much overhead regarding image resizing and text flow around an image. All that stuff. I don't think CN is intended to be an HTML editor.
Pictures won't be part of the text, they will just be attached to the note (like in mail clients).
Will they be attached like in eMail-Clients but shown inline between the text (like it is possible in Gmail, Outlook and so on)? The reason I am asking this is because I use CN also to store hints and informations that would even get more useful if a picture is integrated in the text where the corresponding information can be read.

So storing them "attached" sounds good to me - showing them "in the midst of the text" sounds even better.
No, most probably the pictures won't appear inside of text, but will be placed beside it.

I like this feature and would prefer the images were stored in a separate folder. Would that work? Clipping an image could cause the following to happen: 1) the picture is automatically linked to the corresponding note, and 2) at the same time CN places a thumbnail to the note.

Could the use have the option to disable the image features?

Yes it is intended to work in a very similar way, and yes, the image-related feature will be optional to use.
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Hi Guy, 
as far as I can tell there is a very similar request (with plenty of votes!): 
Is your request different? If not, it would be better to merge this request with that one.
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Thanks for the idea!

Please check if it is the same as http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topics/456-picture-clipping/ ?


Yes it is a similar idea.

OK then let's merge this idea into that one, this way you'll get some votes immediately

Pictures are pieces of information, often more valuable than text. I know you can attach them aside, even create a link to them, but it's not the same thing as having them visible inside note. Is there any chance to have this done in the future?

It's planned. However note that this idea here talks about clipping, so it will make CN into a kind of scissors tool.

That's all I need, so I'm very happy with it. Looking forward for this to go live.

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