tag based automatic sorting (instead of priorities)

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This idea is 'stolen' from an application called 'find and run robot' that uses a score rule system which again is used to get the most important search results on the top of the list.

The idea behind this rule system is that you can assign a 'score' to each tag and/or note. This values can then be used to calculate the final ranking for each note.

The result is an addition to the manual sorting feature because many notes could be auto-sorted based on the score a tag got from you.

Let me give you an example:
In CintaNotes I store - amongst other kind of notes - tasks and hints. If I show a list of notes limited by a tag selection I want the tasks to occur first in the list. (Hints are not that important because I would do a specific search to find them).
Another example would be a list of task where the already finished ones go to the end of the list (of course: this example only applies if you don't delete finished task but keep them for later reference).

What you could do is assign the tag 'task' a score of 2000 and the tag 'finished' a tag of -4000. The tag 'hint' gets a score of -200.
The sorting of the search result would lead to list like this:
    - this task is still open (score=2000)
    - this is another open task (score=2000)
    - this area is where we have all notes that have a calculated score of 0
      (or all other notes that have no score at all)
    - a hint (score=-200)
    - another hint (score=-200)
    - now a finished task (score=-2000)
    - and another finished task (score=-2000)
As you can see:
If a note is assigned to more than one tag with a score -> the scores of all its tags are summarized.

I suggest to use the existing criteria in addition to the new score:
The priority of this criteria should be:
 - manual set position is most important (just like it is now in manual sort mode)
 - score (has second priority)
 - date (should have last priority - like it is now in manual sort mode)
   -> those notes ('no manual position' and 'no score') should be aranged around the position where score=0

Some additional thoughts:
In a first step I think it would be sufficient to implement this score system only for tags. In a later step notes could be included (the only benefit of assigning scores to individual notes would be that you can make this note 'very importang' or 'not important at all'). But I think the greatest benefit comes with the tag based score.

Why is this idea different to a priority?
A priority (e.g. 1-5) will lead to many notes with the same priority (e.g. 1).
The scoring system leads to a real ranking and with the use of negative values is much more flexible.

The explanation may sound confusing at first but it is very simple:
The higher the score you asign to a task - the higher the ranking of it's notes.



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Thanks for the idea, Chris!
Seems to be also a nice general solution to this request:
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