Template-based export and import

Alex Jenter 14 år siden opdateret 13 år siden 3
It should be possible to define text templates for note exporting and importing.
A template could look like this for example:
import export complexity:medium
If I understand correctly, you can already kinda do this. I have an .XML skeleton I put my pre-CintaNotes notes into for easy importing. I wish it were more automated but it will be by the time I'm done :)

It seems to me that template-based import can handle this nicely: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3186-template-based-export-and-import/

I also need similar feature . This dialog used for merge/unmerge operations, but also can be used at the point of import. This dialog can be helpful for improt/unmerge configuration files, for example.

There are predefined and user defined delimiters. There are list of Recently used delimiters. 

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