Recognize tags in note's text and make clickable

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated by Cassandra D. Everhart 4 years ago 3
CN should provide a way to insert links to tags into note's text. Clicking on such link would be equal to clicking on this tag in the tag sidebar.
The simplest implementation would simply look for literal tags, but if this is not feasible, some special markup like [tagname] could be used.
editing organizing complexity:medium
Good idea.

Some questions here.

1. Where should tags be clickable: in notes preview list or in note editing window? (or maybe both?)

2. How is "Rename tag" action handled?

3. What action is tag-link clicking equal to? Just clicking on the tag bar, ctrl+clicking, shift+clicking or alt+clicking?

4. What are semantics of tag-link clicking?

If it's "Show me all notes with this tag", this is actually a search query and can be generalized to "Show me all notes matching condition", where tag-links could be formulas with set operations:
"|" is union (or), "&" is intersection (and), "\" is complement (substraction)
for example [tag:(foo | bar) \ goo] would give same effect as if we shift+click "foo" and "bar" tags, and then alt+click "goo" tag.

Another option is making simple tag-links (no formulas), but let user click them with ctrl, shift or alt modifiers to change his search query.

This feature is related to:
1. Editing window. Clickable tags in note preview are in separate request.
2. Good question. I guess having some special syntax for tag references it should be easy to rename references automatically.
3. I think simple clicking. But in theory all the modifiers can be supported here, too.
4. IMO the second variant is more feasible.