Locking notes to prevent accidental editing/deleting

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An individual note lock up (with a keyboard shortcut) for preventing the editing of some important notes by mistake.
editing security complexity:medium


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or maybe by using a special tag to mark it as locked?
to be more precise about that idea:
I am talking about the possibility to qualify tags with the special meaning of "if a note has this tag, please protect it from accidental deleting"

why cut a ticket? don't you protect the item? i made a mistake to change a item, and i want orginal content. the information is lost.
Hi shh200438,
since the community doesn't seem to favor the readonly flag idea (which I regret), I think it would make sense for you to vote for the "Undo" function here: http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3371-undo-function/
It has a much higher score and thus is more likely to be implemented in one of the next versions. And it will help in the situation you describe.


Really need a toggle button to lock the notes from accidental data entry. Buttons to undo / redo is not so comfortable.


Было бы удобно блокировать запись от случайного ввода данных. Мне часто нужно просто скопировать данные из "cintanotes" без изменения.

Можно сделать 2 функции:

1. Глобальная блокировка/разблокировка всех записей.

2. Блокировка/разблокировка одной записи.

Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.

Being able to lock individual notes would be a very useful feature.

A scenario:

In the heat of the moment, what you do is a 'cut', rather than a 'copy' of a text selection within a note, and in that moment you also commit with an OK, damaging the note, which may not be recoverable from backups, or when you do eventually find that you are missing part, or the whole, of the note contents, that any recovery backup has aged, cycled, and been deleted.

Notes can mature and stabilise and then become "reference only".

Being able to set an internal bit for a note to lock it from any editing changes and also from deletion would be most useful; the only context items not grayed out would be those pertaining to selecting and copying text content.

Being able to globally lock (down) an entire section might be useful as well, in such a case, each individual note would preserve it's own status of locked or unlocked, but if a section is locked, then all sub-ordinate notes are locked, regardless of their internal state, and if a section is unlocked, then all the individual note's lock status is re-asserted instead.

Thank you.

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