Sync Option: Opera Notes

Dave Ferree 13 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 11 year бұрын 5

Yet Another Sync Option (Y.A.S.O.) - Opera version. Yes, I do mean the note function built into the Opera browser, accessible through my.opera.com's 'Opera Link'. Before I discovered CintaNotes, that is what I used. Easy, always open, always accessible. Figured it was past time someone suggested it.

complexity:hard syncing


Hi Alex
As this request is very special (not a general solution for syncing) and also got some down votes I wonder what your strategy is regarding the different possible options a sync could be done.

Do you plan to implement every way of syncing that gets enough up votes?

Hi Chris,
well of course I'll try to implement syncing as generic as I can, so it will become easy to accommodate different APIs, not only SimpleNote and Opera. However this might not be possible in real life) But at least we'll try

@Dave: it seems that Opera Notes doesn't support tags. What should we do with CN's tags? Thanks

Looks like i'm not the only one to use Opera as a notes tool =)

A couple of hints if this really be chosen for implementation:

- the first line in a note is used as a title

- there can be named folders/subfolders with notes - can be used as tag groups in Cinta

Regarding the tags - I guess it would be better to not assign any tags than to take them from note contents and accidentally end up polluting the tag space with some unmeaningfull stuff.

Thanks for your input, Rick! We'll definitely take it into account on implementing this idea.