Collapsing / Expanding notes

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated by Boris Monti 6 years ago 6
It should be possible to collapse and expand note's preview individually and not just via the max preview lines setting.
viewing complexity:hard
Search would expand notes where it found matches, right?
What about "expand/collapse all" commands?

By the way, this can be gereralized (yes I love doing that) to remembering amount of showed lines for individual notes. This amount could be easily set up by pressing mouse on note border and dragging.
Yes, I'd really like to have the option of viewing just note titles. Then clicking on a title could expand the note. This is especially important as the number of notes increases into the thousands...
Yes this is important. Title will be a hint and if you do not remember a note expand it and read it.

An option to expand the note when the mouse is over the note would do the trick for me, no need to click on anything