Don't record browser name in note title on clipping

Alex Jenter 13 lat temu zaktualizowano 7 lat temu 9
Can we have an option to not add browser/source in title as this is
rather spurious. When I check my notes for opera or IE or Firefox
configs iI get lots of false positives thanks to them being in the
taking/clipping complexity:medium

Hi Maksym, i use Firefox and the "Auto Copy" add-on (v 1.02). When you select text, it will be copied automatically to the clipboard. Also there is a popup menu, which allows you to add the URL from the browser to be added to the clipboard. After i selected the page information, i switch to my CN note and paste it. It Takes me only a few seconds to efficiently collect web links. Maybe this can help for you, too. The add-on is also available for Thunderbird.

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