Sort order is not saved (2.0.2)

burrum 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 4 years ago 25

I guess this is related with latest enhancement "Sections: Sort and search parameters of each section of each opened notebook are now remembered".

I think it actually gets saved because I have this in .settings:

viewstate.notebook[2643a8c0-84f3-420b-8f0f-37940d89e402].section[0].sorting = modified

If I take .exe from CN 2.0.1, sort order saves again, but uses view.sortby setting instead.


Released in 2.0.3

I start missing a normal issue tracker with "Affected versions" and "Fixed versions" fields.

Nice idea. An issue tracker is more appropriate than placing bugs on the roadmap anyway.

Some time ago when I worked on one offshore software development project, we gave access to our issue tracker directly to the customer's managers. The result was an incredible mess. The high point of it was a bug report with description "nothing works", which turned out to be about some misplaced visual element :)

Unfortunately customers like you are really rare! And bug reports and bug tickets are very different things. There's a lot of work needed to turn the former into the latter, and even the most elaborate issue workflow won't change this. So we'd better keep the things as they are.

My main argument for this is convenience from having single place for issues, single backlog for tasks, and single inbox for updates. I still believe it's possible with proper definition of workflow, permissions and filters. For example (open image in new tab for full view):

Thanks for the picture! I won't argue that this would be very cool, but do you know of such a tool or service to allow us to do this? UserEcho is lacking:
1) IDs for issues (to label commits)
2) Ability to assign issue to someone
3) Milestones, versions, deadlines and more

An issue tracker like Jira or Trac are lacking:
1) Ability to up/down vote
2) Use Google or Facebook authorization
3) Nice-looking UI for general public

I don't know a tool that would cover all our needs out of the box, unfortunately. I'm doing search in my spare time, though. This is a challenging request. I evaluate JIRA at my work and it looks promising. But this issue tracker is not without.. issues :)

vs UserEcho:

* Most trackers have issue IDs and assignments.

* I've seen milestones/roadmaps in Trac, Redmine and JIRA.


* JIRA only has up-votes, but this could change

* YouTrack only has up-votes

* Trac has up/down votes, but they are obscure (try finding 40 upvotes in this ticket)

* BIG attractive vote count is a big deal in UserEcho and UserVoice (sample)

Authorization: if this is OpenID, many trackers support it

UI for general public: this is the hardest. All trackers look too 'formal' compared to UserEcho. Great thing about UE is it's straight-to-the-point layout. Title, body and votes to the left. Most trackers tend to throw all these fields into you before you get to the message. YouTrack has a good layout idea (sample), but further clean up is possible. Custom layouts would address this, if they exist in JIRA.

There are a lot of trackers out there. I thought I'd write a set of required features first and see what it looks like:


Interesting, but can you tell how much does JIRA cost? It is not free as I understand.

First 10 users for $10, but then it goes up quite rough. Problem is you cannot create unlimited accounts to pull everybody in. Most people would post to UE, while few could use JIRA directly, pulling stuff from UE. The exception is free license for opensource projects.

Seems to be a showstopper :)

Thanks for the report!

Seems that the problem only manifests on XP - please confirm that you have XP.

I run Windows 7 x64 SP1

Burrum, could you please check 2.0.3 Beta 1 ?

2.0.3 beta 1: still reproducible in two ways:

a) change sort order and restart CN

b) change sort order, open another .db, open first .db

2.0.3: point a fixed, b still an issue

Can't reproduce b). Please provide more detailed description: which sort order, where CN is located, how do you open the db, how to you open the first db (do you use the MRU list?), do you use the File/Close command?

Also, do you have a registered version?
In free version, setting of only one notebook at a time can be remembered.

Then it's probably intended and b) is not a bug.

I used File/Open, not MRU. Free version.

Interestingly, I noticed how viewstate.notebook[GUID].section[0].sorting resets to 'created' not when I change to another notebook, but when I later change back to the first one.

This is a side-effect of the current implementation ;) But since the behavior in general is correct, no need to change this.

Released in 2.0.3

Released in 2.0.3

Released in 2.0.3

it doesn't work for me. every time i open my notes doc from a usb i have to sort the notes. i have a registered version. I think it works if the notes doc is on the hard drive rather than a usb. is that the issue?


Yes probably the settings are not stored to USB. 

Please make sure to 1) Exit CN _before_ you unplug the USB drive; 2) Use correct USB unmounting of Windows before unplugging