Option to auto close main-window after opening a note

Thomas Lohrum 11 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 11 років тому 4
The main-window with the search-list should be minimized, when a note gets opened in the editor.

editing main-window configuring complexity:easy

Most of the times i search for one note and after having opened it, i wish the main-window would be out of my way. Instead i switch back to it, just to close it. In case we would have this option, it would still be possible to return to the main-window by simply pressing the global shortcut for it.

Yes, i know :) It was me to suggest the introduction of Shift+Enter ;) Still, what is good can always be made better. I realized that what i use most of the times is to open a single note. Because of this, plain ENTER can be more handsome, rather than using a special shortcut. I am not insisting on this feature. I posted it, so the community can discuss and vote for it, when interested.

Sorry I forgot it was you :) well ok let's see what the community says.