Remove "Edit" from edit window

Devil may Cry 12 years ago updated by Christof Deininger 9 years ago 8
Or at least put it to be the last. Current editing looks like this:

string "Edit Title1"

This is somewhat bad if windows taskbar is vertical on left or right screen side.
Only string "Edit" could be seen. This is not helpful if you can see 5 Edit's.

If it's moved to be the last like this:

string "Title1 Edit"

People could actually use titles on taskbar to see instantly what they want to read/edit.

Adding an option to remove string "Edit" from editing window will shorten titles even on horizontal taskbar. Making more space and improving readability.
viewing editing complexity:trivial


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The current design looks fine to me. As for the taskbar this is a problem of navigating between CN notes. There are various ideas listed on the roadmap that try to solve that issue.
Really?  Only Cint... can be read. If you can distinguish between those Edits, I can not.
Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words ;)

I entirely understand your problem. With Win7 and icons in the bottom taskbar one can only see one icon and 1-n previews of CN's windows. Still i think the true nature of your desire is to have a functionality to easily find your desired window. Myself i have suggested the following requests Shortcut to cycle through open windows and
Improve management of multiple editor windows. Other users have suggested different approaches to this problem.
I have read both suggestions. To be frank, I don't know... Cycling through edit windows, introducing new window to hold edit windows... If you think that's the right way, go for it.

Personally I like to use what I already have. Point 'n' click.

My suggestion is really trivial. Just reverse order of strings. Or remove redundant "edit" string.
You can even change icon for edit window to be something different from CN icon. That will be nice touch :)
Already did :) But icons are not the problem... They are just a designers touch.
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.