"Always on top" for notes (Pinning Notes)

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 8 years ago 8 2 duplicates

Some notes are especially important and I want to see then every time I open the CN.
Now all the notes are sorted by title/date/etc.
Is it possible to tag some notes as important and they will be kept on the top?
And surely such a tag could be removed later.

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Under review

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As a variant: call them "pinned" and draw a small stylish togglable pin icon in the titlebar to the right (where's the creation date is).

Or "starred" with star icons (as guys on forum suggested).

BUT. We have to realize it's a complication of UI.

If we don't want that, option #4 on forum is better. It was about making "top"/"starred"/"pinned"/"configurable?" tag which affects display order.
It is complication of UI. For achieving the same effect of pinned notes, simply tag the appropriate 'frequently accessed' notes with '#PINNED'. Then #PINNED will appear at the top in the tag sidebar and when clicked it will display list of all pinned notes.
Under review

As of today I have the same wish. I have a note with a lot of links internal of my company's network and I acces it a lot. But I do not change it as much. A option to 'pin' such notes would be very much appreciated. IMHO is the use for tags to realize this very unlogical. For a new user you would have to explain the functionality while a little pin or star on the subject line would be self-explanatory and I think a very minor complication of the UI (if executed with style :-) ).


If the complication of the UI is to much, might you consider to add an option to pin in the right-click menu for this. It is not like you change this all the time.

Would compliment SimpleNote's 'pin to top' facility? Nod