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Alex Jenter 14 år siden opdateret 13 år siden 1
At the moment CN saves creation date and time of a note. As an enhancement we might also save date and time of last modification.
editing date-time complexity:easy


Released in 1.5.4
* Sorting notes by "Date" should sort using the modification time.

* Why?
  Because last modified entries become visible on top of the notes list
  not only entries entered newly.

* How to handle new entries?
  Modification time must be set same as creation time.

* Migration of database
  If modification time is a new db column then a migration
  process must assign a value the same as creation time.

* Alternative #1
  Maybe a coalesce() function could be used e.g.
  ORDER BY COALESCE(ModificationTime, CreationTime).
  This would avoid complexity and a migration process.

* Alternative #2
  The creation date could be modified any time an entry gets changed.
  The advantage would be to avoid a db schema change.
  The disadvantage would be the loss of the creation date :(
Released in 1.5.4

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