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Simplenote: make text formatting less obtrusive

ChrisCN 11 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 10 years ago 9

I just noticed that formatted text in a note gets synced to simplenote with formatting tags like cintanotes. This makes some of my notes unreadable (especially those that make use of heavy formatting to make them better readable).


Hm, what would be the desired behavior?

Would you prefer the formatting to be stripped away? Then after syncing back, the formatting would disappear in CN as well.

So I assume simplenote doesn't support formatting at all?

Well, the desired behavior would be that I can read my notes on simplenote (e.g. strip the formatting) but of course I don't want to loose the formatting in CN.

So I seems we need a workaround - but what could that be?

What will you do in the future when you support attachments to notes?

Will those be lost after syncing a note to simplenote and changing the content there?

I have no simple solution to this problem - any ideas?

Simplenote supports some Markdown, so probably we could go that route.

But all in all, it is really simple and now even sections need to be emulated via specially named tags.

Regarding attachments, seems we'll have to get creative, since Simplenote doesn't support attaching any custom data to notes (even Uids now have to go into the note's text, which annoys the heck out of many people, but is necessary for correct note linking).

I reckon there will be several options for the user to choose:

1) Base64 encode attachments directly into note's text - ugly, but will ensure no info is lost;

2) Store attachments separately in a (possibly Dropbox-synced) folder

3) Don't sync attachments at all (when no full-duplex sync is necessary)

I doubt we could do better here, but if you have any suggestions, you're welcome.

This dilemma is partly the reason why it takes so long to implement attachments.

so to use "Markdown" seems like a solution

Ok I'll investigate the possibilities.. But this bug needs to get several votes first)

I understand, that this is not top priority - even I rarely use the simplenote sync and just wanted to report the problem.

If you want to collect votes before considering this problem I suggest to convert this to a feature request (I don't think people really vote for bug fixes - they assume bugs just get fixed). This is more like a missing feature.

Thanks Chris

Agreed, let's turn it into a feature suggestion ;) Thanks!

I just found CintaNote, it's great, love the Simplenote sync.

Been a Simplenote user for some time now and have lots of notes already in Markdown.

The simple solution for me would be to use plain text in CintaNote, and have the sync respect the Simplenote Markdown flag...It seems when a note is edited in CintaNote, it resets the Simplenote Markdown flag to plaintext, so then I end up with unformatted text in both places.
Thanks for the input. I've recorded this as a bug and scheduled the fix for version 2.6.
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