Sort selected lines inside note in editor

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 10 years ago 3
Provide a command to alphabetically sort selected lines in the note editor.
editing complexity:easy
Under review

I'm currently using "TextFX > Tools" menu in Notepad++ for sorting lines. Feature suggested here is from the area of text processing, which generally envolves implementing text plugin system (or some kind of interaction with other programs that can handle the task). Today we want sorting, tomorrow we want trimming trailing spaces and the other day we'll ask for automatic compression of HTML code and debugging JavaScript.

My point is, if CintaNotes moves towards versatile text processing features, it would be reasonable to do it through plugins, because you never know what else people will ask for, and you cannot add ad-hoc text commands forever, the code will get messy and unmanageable. Personally I wouldn't mind that, but I lack advanced features so rarely that I don't mind doing it with other (largely available) tools.