Editor window opens on wrong monitor in a multi-monitor system

beo 13 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 12 year бұрын 2
I want to open the note window on the monitor I have the CintaNotes program displayed. this is handy on a two monitor system where I use the big display for reading and browsing and the second monitor for status displays, note taking, explorer display etc. This way I wont always have to shift the newly opened note window to the second monitor.


Fixed in 1.6.2
How can we express the behaviour in a more formal way? Opening note window on the same monitor where the main CN window is located?
This is not easy to implement.
CN should be aware that there are 2 or more monitors.
CN should be aware which one is turned on and off. (displaying something on off-ed monitor?)
Fixed opening: this note on 1, new note on 2, cn on 1...