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Mark Christoferson 12 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Alex Jenter 12 lat temu 9
I would like the option of the cursor starting in the title box when I open for a new note. I use Cinta mainly for indexing my own information. Starting with the title of the note would allow me to then move by tab key to the body of the note. This order would be the most efficient, and completely keyboard based.
main-window startup
Mark, it's there. You can change the (imo: strange) default in the configuration file. Edit the file "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\CintaNotes\cintanotes.settings" and edit/add the following line "editor.focus.title = 1". kind regards, Thomas
Thomas, I am running Win 7 x64 and have my Cintanotes installed in D:\Program Files\CintaNotes . In the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming, I have no Cintanotes folder. I edited the cintanotes.settings which is in D:\Program Files\CintaNotes as you instructed, but it would change back to "editor.focus.title = 0" .

Thanks for your help.

Mark, you're welcome. You need to close cintanotes before editing the file. That is open the main window and execute file\exit. Change the setting and start cintanotes.exe again.
I did that, but then when trying to reopen, I get:

SQLite Error 1:
unrecognized token: "1000 (more here)"
Mark, i tried to reproduce, but it works fine here. Which editor did you use to edit the file? Maybe you damaged the settings file? In that case you would need to restore the file. I edited the file myself using Windows\Start and typed "editor".
I used Wordpad. I don't seem to have the editor you mention. As far as corrupting the file, I can just change the parameter back to "0" and the program works fine again, without even restarting.
Sorry Mark, i did a second test using WordPad. This time with editing an existing note. Still can't reproduce.
Ok, thanks for your help Thomas.
Hi Mark, Thomas is correct, you need to close CN before editing the settings file, otherwise the setting will be reverted on CN's exit.