Error; Source Code as Note Text;

Noah 12 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 12 year бұрын 3

When I put this into a note, Cintanotes chrashes:


Response.Clear();// delete "//" of include files


Too many special chars in use?

editing error



 Fixed in 1.8.1

Sorry but can't reproduce, no crash here ;(

Please tell me more detailed how the crash happens: on clipping, on entering text manually, on save?

Also please make sure that this is the minimun text required for the error and removing any character leads to no crash. Thanks!

 Please also tell which version of CN you are using, if it's not the latest 1.8.1 please upgrade and tell me if the crash is still there! Thanks!

>Did use 1.7.1 and updated to 1.8.1

>Error does no more occur.


>Next time I will give better description.

It's ok! Great to know it's working now. So I'm closing this issue.