Add font-face and font-size to the Format context menu and preserve font-face and font-size when copy/pasted from other sources

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Currently when copying and pasting text from another source, the font-face (aka. font-style, e.g. Tahoma, Arial, Times New Roman, etc.) and font-size are lost. It would be very helpful if the option to preserve these features was available. When this is done, it would also be convenient to add font-face and font-size to the Format context menu.

I realize this may add a small level of complexity (some users may prefer formatting to be consistent and don't want it to be preserved), but there may be a simple way to implement this option.

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The request is about setting a font and its size as a per note setting, right? It is not expected to use different fonts to various parts of the note, right? To ease the problem in cases, when preserving the font is not desired i suggest a simple workaround. The editor should have an option to assign CintaNotes default font as the current font using a shortcut or the context menu.

I this it is exactly the opposite, "to use different fonts to various parts of the note" :)

Actually this behavior is by design. CintaNotes helps you focus on the content and not on formatting.

However I admit that some improtant stuctural elements of the text (like headlines) can be lost now.

Probably this request should be considered as "Keep structural text elements while stripping all the styling".

until font+ font-size for a selected text in a note available, my Japanese notes are in KeepNote ... which has its own issues !  What is crucial is that there be diff betw font for note and font for selected text.

quoting a foreign language in a note is what makes font and size for SELECTED text so essential - especially in order to clearly view Chinese characters / Japanese kanji / Korean kangul

I cannot imagine renewing my PRO lic often without being able to preserve Japanese fonts used for "furigana" and "ruby" characters : font is what I use to distinguish ON and kun readings of kanji AS furigana (along with text colour, emphasis,style.)
Chinese users citing non-simplified characters in a note would have a similar need ; ditto for Vietnamese users (even more so in their case when citing pre-1975 literature and pre-colonial literature as text in a note.)
An app should not have to reach the complexity of Word or a PDF tool to achieve this for text entries - at least as an add-in option for a PRO version.
In fairness, even the Curl language at www.curl.com lacks furigana/ruby characters in RichText display.
Could such text be read-only in a first pass?
Robert, thanks a lot for your input! We'll definitely take it into account
Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes for more than 2 years.