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Parameterized tags

Alex Jenter 14 lat temu zaktualizowano 12 lat temu 5
Allow tags to have values.
For example, we can enter tags as "price:80" or "urgency:3"
and then write "price>5 urgency<2" into the search box to display all notes which have price greater than 5 and urgency less than 2.
searching organizing complexity:medium
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This is very good idea! Wonder why people dislike it so much?
I wonder that too ;)
It will not harm project if it's implemented weather people like it or not!

If you do not use it, you'll never know it's there.
If you use it, you'll just use it.
Yes but people will get very upset if this is implemented before some other feature with a positive score..
Ok, now I understand :)
It's cool if you use votes to prioritize tasks :)))