Drag-and-drop text (and text files) into (and out of) CN

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated by SoManyNotes 2 months ago 5
taking/clipping drag-and-drop complexity:medium

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1. Аbility to create new note from txt-file using drag&drop action. Title of note is filename without extension. Content of note is content of file.
2. Ability to export note into txt-file using drag&drop action. Just pull note to desktop or file manager.


Please try out 3.7 Beta 1 that implements part of this ticket - drag-and-dropping text into CintaNotes!


I would very much appreciate being able to drag a note into editable areas of other applications (eg, drag a note into my email compose window and have the note content automatically drop wherever I position my cursor). Ctrl-Enter is nifty (and appreciated!), but not nearly as fast as drag/drop when adding multiple notes to a document (particularly especially since Ctrl-Enter minimizes CintaNotes every time, requiring more work to open it again).

Is this feature still Planned?