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A right-click option to VIEW note (not Edit mode but in dialog with vert scrollbar

Robert Shiplett 11 years ago updated by gunars 2 years ago 7
The current dbl-click opens with edit insert in title when I only want to view a long note ( alternative would be resizeable notes in a section ?)


Hello Robert! What do you think about this option? - http://roadmap.cintanotes.com/topic/3218-three-frame-view-full-text-of-selected-note-always-in-view/ Is it the same for you as your feature? 

Under review

Hi Robert

Where do you see the benefit of showing a note 'not in edit mode' in comparison with just opening it in edit mode?



I have more than once accidentally changed what I intended to leave "as is".

Think of it as "view source" as compared to "edit source".

Very often I want to see formatting but not risk inadvertantly changing that formatting.

Probably the default dbl-click should remain what it is now, as most users will expect it that way ... but I for one would appreciate the option to have more control over the "mode" in which source content is presented. 


ah, I see - so you want to protect your notes!
Is your decision to protect a note really spontaneous or do you need a read-only-flag?

This was requested here (and I don't know why it got so few votes):

I don't know how much of a community there is regularly reading this or voting, but I've added my vote to this. I think expecting 10 votes presupposes a much more active group.

For my own usage pattern, I find that for existing notes, I'm usually just searching and viewing them, not editing or adding info.  I would like to pop up the note in window without the risk of inadvertently modifying it with a stray keystroke.

My proposal:  The popup window would have a toggle button for View/Edit modes.  An preference option could be set to initially open all windows in either Edit or View modes.  By default, this could be Edit, leaving the current functionality intact.  New notes, of course, would always open in Edit mode.