Configuring which note fields gets copied on Ctrl+Shift+C

Alex Jenter 11 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

"Now in the notes list when we press Ctrl+C only note's text is copied, and when  we press Ctrl+Shift+C, all fields are copied.

I'd like to copy note title and text, but not the dates and link.

Please let it be configurable."

clipboard configuring complexity:easy
Under review

Now when I select a number of notes and press Ctrl+Shift+C to copy that notes I have the following data being copied: 1) notes  2) data and time stamps 3) Title of the notes 4) links (if there are ones) Please let it be optional what field I may copy. For exampe if I want to exclude date/time stamp it should be cofigurable. Or if I want to copy just scope of titles (for content table for example) or just links and titles to create reference table. I would be nice.


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