Deleting note from the editor window

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 8 years ago 23
It would be great if I could delete a note from within a note windows. I don't want to search for the note first so I can delete it.


Completed in 1.6.1
Yep. Should have a button "delete" and maybe a shortcut.
When adding a button "delete" the shortcut should be Alt+D, which suits well to Alt+C for "cancel".
Instead of a button and Alt+D the shortcut "Ctrl+D" will do. This is a common shortcut in other applications as well. Since there would be no gui element at all, a dialog "delete yes/no" would be mandatory. This would be the minimum requirement to delete the active note.
Why not Ctrl+Delete? It's strange to use 'D' for delete, when "Delete" key exists..
Because Ctrl+Delete is already used for removing any formatting ;)
Indeed, you got me here ;) But still probably it would be better to change the formatting removal shortcut.. Ctrl+D seems a nice fit;)
Since all other formatting keys are plain Ctrl+<character> combinations (except Ctrl+-) using Ctrl+D to delete formatting and using Ctrl+Delete to delete the record seems a perfect change :)
It's settled then ;)
Completed in 1.6.1
Under review
Just press Ctrl+Del
Please be so kind to post your requests in english. Thank You!
Thanks Thomas! Was about to say this myself. But in fact is not a big problem since UE allows to easily add a translation.
Кнопкой удобнее. Сделайте, пожалуйста, если несложно.
Button is more convenient. Please do it if not too difficult.
Вот этот форум нормально отображается только в Internet Explorer. Если не трудно - оптимизируйте, пожалуйста, под другие браузеры.
That this forum is normally displayed only in Internet Explorer. If not difficult - optimize, please for other browsers.
Please contact me at support@cintanotes.com to discuss.
Пожалуйста напишите мне на support@cintanotes.com, там можно будет общаться по-русски.
I would like the user to have the option to not see a confirmation dialog when pressing CTRL+Del - any chance of a checkbox in the Options menu somewhere?
Added this task to our pipeline. Will be implemented in v2.8.5 or 2.9! Thanks for the suggestion
And how about a visible delete button to the right of 'Cancel'?  - - -okay, okay too much to ask for :)
Nope, keyword: visual clutter ;)