Could CN be causing Internet Explorer to switch to Offline Mode?

Erik Bangsund 11 year бұрын updated by Alex Jenter 11 year бұрын 6

I have been having an odd issue with my laptop.  I will be on a steady and strong WiFi signal and then, all of a sudden, IE flips over to Offline Mode.  I can click to go back Online but it is messing up a webapp that I use.  I have closed out CN to see if the issue goes away.


Windows 7

IE 8 (I am not allowed to install a different browser)

CN 2.0


error help


Fixed in 2.0.1

This bug is fixed in version 2.0.1. Please download the latest version!

I just tired to download the portable version.  It finished downloading but when I try to unzip or open it I can't.  It give an error suggesting that the file isn't a zip file.  Help!

I used another utility to try to unzip it.  It "worked' but all that was inside was a single file, "CintaNotes_2_0_1", that is 2,367 kb

I've just downloaded the portable version. The zip file is fine. It contains a folder (not a file). I can unzip the archive and run Cintanotes.exe without any problem.

Not sure what the problem was for me.  I had to remote into my home PC, download there, unzip, and DropBox it over to me here.  But it worked.  Thanks!

You're welcome. Glad you were able to solve the issue. :)