CintaNotes disappears and will not restart after Windows XP shutdown

cinnamonbear 14 років тому оновлено Alex Jenter 14 років тому 7
Over the last several days I have needed to restart our computer and each time Cinta Notes has disappeared. When I have to go into the files to manually open the program, even though I have checked save, it does not. I start off hitting Control+Alt+F12 but nothing happens. Have I done something wrong. I notice that the program does not appear on my start menu or in all programs. I really think that Cinta Notes is great otherwise and use it everyday.
Thanks for any help you can give.


Bug not confirmed, no changes are required.
Thanks for the report! Please provide some additional information, which is needed to reproduce and fix the problem:
1) Which version of Windows XP do you have, 32bit or 64bit?
2) Where is CintaNotes folder located?
3) What do you mean under "checked save"? Is it the "Options/Run at System Startup" checkmark?
Alex: Thank you for the prompt reply but I am thinking that CintaNotes does not like me. First, I was not recognized on the site, then after redoing the message about the setting a password again, finally was able to get to this page.
Second, again after restarting, CintaNotes was again "lost" on startup, even with checking run on startup (I came up with the same conclusion you did) plus on my taskbar checking to always run. I was smarter this time as I saved it to my desktop so that I do not have to go through Search and have it tell me there is no listing.
I hope we have solved the problems since I really like the program. Thanks again.
If you have a Google account, you should try using it here, it works without any problems.
Do I understand correctly that the "Run at System Startup" option doesn't work for you and CN does not start automatically on system restart (not just resume)? If so, this is a serious issue and needs to be investigated. Your assistance would be crucial here and answering questions 1 and 2 would be very helpful. Thanks!
Sorry it seems that your message didn't come through
Alex: I should have waited to see if my comment appeared, I thought I clicked on "save comment".
After some thought, I believe my problems started with a CN update, since before that I had CN on my start list and listed in all programs.
After the update, which was on a zip file and with some numbers and no name, I could not find it with a search. Therefore after several more downloads, finally installed from my desktop. This has helped as yesterday, after "not responding" and ending the process, it was lost again from my taskbar and had to be restarted from the desktop but fortunately nothing was lost.
I have 32 bit XP Home and the file is in C:// documents somewhere. One of these days I will really have to go through the program and zip files to find out how many of
CN programs I have downloaded.
I have checked start on startup and that seems to be working fine now. I'm not really sure there is anything else you can help with right now but I do appreciate that you've stayed with me through my ordeal. The main thing is that the program is working.

Well I'm glad that the issue got sorted out. Hope you'll enjoy using CN!
Bug not confirmed, no changes are required.