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Ability to hide certain notes from view by default

Thomas Lohrum hace 9 años actualizado por 任三郎古畑 hace 9 años 4
Add a feature to exclude notes from the default view.
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To be able to filter notes that i don't need in a simple search i tag them. For example "tasks/completed". Such tagged notes should not be in the search list unless i explicitly search for them. One way i can think of this is to add a tag property, for example "[ ] hide from default view". To be able to search for such tags one could explicitly select that tag. This is just one suggestion, there might be other ideas to get the same result.

I think this could also be useful for archiving protocolls and other information that you want to keep 'just in case' but have a I high probability of no longer beeing needed.

I suggest an easy switch to toogle this 'archive' -> "view/hide archived notes".

Like excluding a tag (Alt+click), but more permanently, i.e. not resetting. Would propose for this to be a tag property as well.