Make Ctrl+Enter in main window close all open notes (accepting changes) and minimize

Alex Jenter 14 years ago updated 7 years ago 10
When using the editor, I would very much like a quick way to save changes and minimize to the tray in one blow. That would be more convenient/elegant than hitting the escape key a variable number of times.
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I think this feature is obsolete now that we can save a note any time using ctrl+s.
This feature is not on top of my personal list but I think it would still be useful. Think about the situation where you have opened several notes at a time. ctrl+s does not allow you to close all of them in one step.
Hi Chris,

in that case i suggest to introduce ctrl+shift+s to save all open notes. This again is a common shortcut in many programs. However, it would leave the windows open. What do you think?

Hi Thomas - yes, your ctrl+shift+s suggestion would also be useful but - as you state yourself - is different from closing all open notes. So it depends what your intention is.
  • If you want a fast way to get rid of all the open notes (and not lose your unsaved work) then this feature is what you may like.
  • If your need is to save many notes at once your 'ctrl+shift+s' sounds useful.
Hi Chris, well - myself i don't need the feature at all :) It depends what you desire ;) In case ctrl+shift+s would satisfy your needs, this would be the feature to implement. In case your original request should be needed, i wonder whether there would be a different hotkey instead of ctrl+enter. Thomas
I suggest to use shift+ctrl+enter as the shortcut to save and close all open notes. shift+ctrl+s should be added to save all opened notes and leave their windows open.
Good idea, I agree.

Would very much like the double option Ctrl-shift-enter and Ctrl-shift-s as suggested bij Thomas.

Global safe would be nice for my computer that crashes once in a while, which is no fun with 5 to 10 Cinta windows open. Save plus close is just very convenient for quickly cleaning up a cluttered screen. It is a feature that I would use very very frequently.


Closed due to inability to collect 10 votes during more than 2 years. Sorry. It can be reopened later if another user requests this feature