Some characters do not trigger the tag auto suggestion

ChrisCN vor 12 Jahren aktualisiert von Alex Jenter vor 12 Jahren 1
I use special characters as prefix to tags or as part of tags.
Here are a few examples:

If I type such special characters into the search box or inside of the 'add tags' dialog I get different results:

"~" suggests "(~)later" as expected
suggests ".public" but NOT "(..)inProgress"
"#" no suggestion
"(#" no suggestion
"(" no suggestion
":" suggests ":[Task]" as expected
"[" no suggestion
and so on...

I am not sure if you will consider this as a bug - at least it is strange and inconsistent. Is there an explanation for this behaviour? Is this necessary or can it be fixed?
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Completed in V1.8


Here is how it works:
All tags are tried to find out which should be suggested.
1) First, tag beginning is matched, verbatim
2) If 1 fails, tag is split into parts treating any non-alpha symbol as a separator. Then all resulting parts (which are alphanumeric) are matched from the beginning.

All tags: #tag1, tag2/subtag, tag3/#subtag
You have entered: #
 #tag1 is tried - tag beginning matches => #tag1 is suggested
 tag2/subtag is tried - beginning doesn't match, splitting gives ['tag2', 'subtag']. From these parts, none match.
 tag3/#subtag - begginning doesn't match, splitting gives ['tag3', 'subtag'], also no match.

So as you can see, the behavior you are observing is explained by the algorithm.
I think the algorithm could be improved introducing a two-stage split: first, split by '/' and match all child tags, then, split by punctuation.
Completed in V1.8