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Retain search results after editing a note

pethaski 10 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Alex Jenter 8 jaar geleden 3
Currently (2.8), if you search a term, and edit one of the results, then click "Ok", you get sent back to Cintanotes, but now the search term is gone, as well as the search results. Now you have to type the search term again. This request is for the search term, along with the search results to be retained after editing a note.
Under review
It only happens when the note after editing would disappear from the list (because it doesn't satisfy the filters any more). The fiters are reset for you to keep seeing the note.
However you can also turn this off. You need to edit the cintanotes.settings file and set filters.autoreset.keepeditednotevisible to 0.
Actually now this is the default setting. But old installations still have this option turned on.

Yes, but not in the UI. You need to exit CN, find cintanotes.settings file (usually resides in %appdata%/CintaNotes),find the line that starts with "filters.autoreset.keepeditednotevisible" and edit t.