Plain Text Clipping

Chris Moore 9 år siden opdateret af Alex Jenter 9 år siden 8
CN currently cannot correctly handle certain websites and browsers which provide text in RTF format (eg IE). Request an option in CN to only ever accept plain text clipping to workaround this problem.
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Wow, I just wrote exactly the same thing in the forum topic :) Well I guess then it is settled, introducing this option should be easy.
Heh - I just saw the forum topic :) It would be much appreciated, I believe it would solve the problem I have.
Implemented in 2.8.4 Beta 1. Tried it on the main problematic website I have, and it seems to work nicely. At least on that site, CN no longer cuts text off, or adds characters that was not in the original highlighted text (eg bullets).
Good, thanks for the suggestion! I'll close this one after final 2.8.4. release
Released in 2.8.4

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