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4Cn 12 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 12 years ago 7
The CR&LF marks make it look lovely and clear.
More space after last line helps to scroll the last to middle or top for editing.
In addition, I want some comment highlight. I can write sth beginning with //, and the text will be red or green.
Image 21


See comments.
Hi 4Cn. If i understand you correctly you are asking for three features actually. 1. Optionally show end of line (as with WinWord). 2. Allow to scroll vertically without changing horizontal cursor position. 3. Add syntax highlighting. I suggest you create separate requests to discuss/vote them more easily.
Thanks. Actually the image is using EmEditor. So I want the CN can take some features from it. For English is not my first language, the post maybe some strange.

1 is correct, showing the end and blank line. For 2, when scrolling to the last line usually at the bottom of window, I want to scroll one more page to let the last to top for viewing and editing. For 3, just some easy ways to use highlight, like I can use // for color,  not useing right click or Ctrl+H.
Hi 4Cn! Thanks for the suggestions, but please keep it one suggestion per entry.
Could you please repost as separate entries, like this:
    Viewing unprintable characters in editor
    Scrolling past last line in editor

Syntax highlighting support is already registered, please vote:

Thanks for your work on CN.
I have reposted.
About the syntax highlight, here I just want some easy ways to use color for more readable, not for program. And maybe CN can have a option to choose other editors for editing and viewing the code.
Thanks, 4Cn!
About the colors, you might want to vote here:

As for the "other editors" option, could you please also add it as a separate suggestion? Thanks!
See comments.