Different view modes: Minimal, Compact, Normal

Alex Jenter 14 ár síðan Uppfært 7 ár síðan 27
The View menu should enable to quickly switch between note view modes:
Minimal - only titles
Compact - only titles and 2 lines of text
Normal - as set in Note Appearance dialog
(http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=363, http://cintanotes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t;=314&start;=0)
viewing notes-list complexity:medium
How about setting "View / Note Appearance / Preview text lines" (both min and max) to 0?
Under review
Yes, that works, thanks. I'm not looking to keep that as a standard view, though, so perhaps (if enough people think that could be a useful enough view) it could warrant a quick button or perhaps a menu toggle.
In this case this is a duplicate, I'll merge the issues.
Also: 2-column and 3-column list view of notes -- titles only.
This is very different in implementation, so it would be better to post this as a separate request. Thanks
Well, why not creating few custom views:
Custom1 - blablabla
Custom2 - different blablabla views

So anyone will be able to set CN to their individual needa :)
To avoid the Linux dilemma - "You can configure everything. And you f*cking WILL be configuring everything.." Sorry for the language ;)

It will be good to switch views by one hotkey.

Minimal - only titles = I would like to have this view mode!!!

Will 'minimal' remove the dividing line between notes, thus fitting more notes into the same space? Nod

I'm not sure this will look good. Could you make something like a draft how you'd like it to be? Thanks!



I meant the horizontal dividing lines between note titles


So, like this ‘with lines’


| Note1 


| Note2


| Note3


| Note4



And like this ‘without lines’


| Note1

| Note2

| Note3

| Note4



Just a thought



I'll keep this in mind, thanks.

In preparation of To-Do-Lists i suggest two enhancements:

1. In mode "titles only" add an indicator, whether the note contains a text or a title only.

2. Save the state of the view mode as a per section setting. 

Good thoughts, thanks.

can we add this view in the list of possibilities (full notes view) ?
You mean the "Full" view, where each note is displayed in full regardless of how long it is? Or is it about seamless transition (which is quite a different thing)?
Sorry I mean "full view" for each note

Minimal - only titles
Compact - only titles and 2 lines of text
Normal - as set in Note Appearance dialog
Full view - full view
Ok got it, thanks!

Instead of having a list possible size of view we could just have the possibility to increase or decrease the number of visible lines.

In the list of notes :
CTRL + '-'
CTRL + '+'

CTRL + mouse wheel

(perhaps not the best shortcuts)
Each time add or remove a visible line

Eventually having a switch for 'view with only title' <> 'view with lines' <> 'view full notes'

thanks for the idea!

Often i am in a situation when i present some information to people and need to switch to CintaNotes to search for some note. As my default is preview lines min/max 3/4 other people are able to read parts of my notes. As there is information that i don't want to share this is very inconvenient. It would be great to have a shortcut or an icon to easily switch to compact mode only showing the titles of the notes. Name it "private mode" ;)

Hm, never though about that.. Thanks for bringing this up, Thomas!

In second section i would like to make "web-links bookmarks" storage or "to-do-list" witch only titles.

But on other sections i would like to have normal view.

Hot keys to switch view also will be ok.

I would like to have

ctrl+1 one set of settings from this window

ctrl+2 second set of settings from this window

ctrl+3 another one set of settings from this window

And this setting user can change by yourself for each ctrl+1,2,3,etc

In this case people can choose their own "Minimal\Compact\Normal\Full" view.

Beside view modes (minimal, compact, normal) for title, there should be also an optional view(or better edit) window with full note.The area with notes should be divided horizontally to two parts (adjustable size).

Top part - there would be titles, bottom part - there would be mentioned view/edit window with full note.

In that way it would be possible to have appearance similar to e-mail clients,set only titles (=minimal mode) and enable preview/edit window. Moreover, it would be possible to preserve todays appearance for people who like it as it is now.