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Automatically copy to clipboard

arthur kadmon 14 years ago updated by Alex Jenter 9 years ago 4
the ability to automatically copy to clipboard text, that was highlited
Under review
Do you mean automatically turn everything copied into clipboard into notes?
No. If you highlight a piece of text in a CN note, it should be automatically copied to the clipboard (just as plain text) without you having to hit Ctrl+C. You more often see this on *nix systems, but I would like to see it in CN myself, so +1 from me. It saves keystrokes when you want to copy some text from a note in CN and paste into another application (web browser, word processor etc).
I see, thanks for the elaboration. In any way it should be an option, I wouldn't want my clipboard to be erased by me selecting something. Also I plan to do something different, but which would serve the same purpose. Now when you press Ctrl+Enter, CN inserts the whole text of the note into external application. I want CN to behave differently when some text in the note is highlighted. In this case it should display a menu allowing to select which highlighted text to insert. The option to insert the whole note body will be included as well however. Please note that under "hightlighted' I understand "Format/Highlight" (highlighting with yellow marker), not just plain selection.