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A new field should be added to be able to assign a recurrence date for a note.
Suggestions for implementation:
  • the field can be added to the note's property-dialog
  • in the property-dialog the field should be positioned as the first item so it can be edited quickly
  • the default start time should be set to 08:00
  • show the start date in the note's editor 
  • allow to sort for start date
This all seems very much tied to your personal workflow.. could you try to generalize this? What is the task you're accomplishing here?
I don't think this is special to my personal workflow only. The approach is taken by "www.tudumo.com", a GTD ("Getting things done") based task tool. Since the tool is no longer supported i tried to take its workflow and map it to CintaNotes. I was successful by creating a new database and using sections for tasks such as "Now, Next, Maybe/Someday, On Hold". As a workaround the modification date can be used to schedule the task., However that information gets lost, as soon as you change and save the note. When a task is completed i delete it to recycle bin. 

My suggestion for implementation want to aid you in that it takes the least effort by simply adding the start-/due-date to the already existing properties-dialog. And since it's necessary to be able to check these values right away i suggested to show them in the editor too (right beside creation- and modification-date).
I understand very well that you want to minimize the effort, and I really appreciate that!
But the feature must be somehow complete, there must be something to write in user's guide about.
This way it's just an extra piece of data attached to a note, and users will wonder why the start date doesn't really "do" anything.
I think it might still be much better to bite the bullet and implement full alarms and scheduling system with start date, due date, and recurrency. This will make a nice new chapter in the Help.
Personally i use alarms for appointments only, which i manage with a PIM software (eMClient). For tasks i don't use alarms. To me a task is something i take care of, when it's time to do so. Thus i query them manually. Still i get your point, that a start- and a due-date on its own make not much sense to other people. However, if there would be something like a virtual tag, such as "tasks within next 3 days", your requirement to have some gui element would be fulfilled.
Still would feel a bit half-baked to me, sorry :) but maybe it's just me..
A start-date is actually a requirement to implement the alarms-feature.
Good idea, but needs generalization. Start date + recurrence period + one of (end date, number of repetitions) could become a good addition for alarms.
Personally i'd be happy to have at least a start date and manually filtering it! I consider recurrences as advanced features, which is true for a due-date also.
Personally I think "due date" is much more common to see in software than "start date". Anyhow, I think that probably this should be implemented together with alarms anyway.
The software i know (for example Outlook, emClient) support both a start- and a due-date. Some even offer a special reminder-date. Users have different preferences. Personally i use a start-date to remind me, when to take care of a task.
I work at a Call Center and use CintaNotes ALOT. I was looking for a way to use CintaNotes as a reminder or task scheduling software. Right now I use Outlook to remind me of task. It would be perfect if CN had this ability and it would increase my productivity which is my goal at work. That way I can set a reminder for when I should work on certain notes or task entered into CN!!!!! An Alarm would be a delicious bonus. 
Thanks for your comment, Ngozi! Have you also voted for alarms here

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Suggested alternative:

Alarms (reminders) in notes